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Megan and Anikka had a great time! BTS

Megan Rain

This scene wraps up the Anikkas Anal Sluts 2 and it was a very special day for both Anikka and Mick. Megan feels special because she was the last one before the last clapboard. Mick it talking about his adventures in public and asks Megan if she ever had an experience with sex in public. Megan finally remembers one time she had sex on a lifeguard tower when she was younger. Well, it counts. Somewhere in the middle of the video Megan admits she loves eating pussy. She couldn’t fool Anikka, she saw it right away. The time has come for the traditional ass game. They both introduce themselves by syncing their asses with their speech, quite a fun game.

  • Release Date: December 1, 2015
  • Length: 20:15